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ABOUT  Krista

Last night a friend  hummed me asleep and  I saw in a dream 

how I walked in my own red body full of love. And I realised this morning... 

  I want to tell you about this world in a blog!

Time is ready

(4 november 2018)


As long as I know, I am in wonder about my life  

I love the playfull lessons of nature where words seems spontaniously to come from nowhere  !I really feel me an inhabitant of many natural words!

Life  speaks  constantly  a code language to me and  guides me.

It is very magic when I  go into surrender.  I can feel me so overwhelmed by seeing the intensity of light in daily things and by the high vibrancy of simplicity. I can be so happy when nature sings a poem for me wether  when I drink a  perfect shake of colors, shapes or smells on my path.

My dreams, daydreams, visions , soft whispers and  firmly voice from deep inside are the silent witnesses of a bigger reality. It is  that what not limit me . I find it an unbelievable  outspoken view  where I can start my day with or where I can surf on! In fact,  my inside is  the cosmopolitic part  rather than the world that I can see with my eyes.  And  it is this inside that me sends to spots on earth, that reflects  me and that leads me. And for me it becomes alchemy to integrate my inside in my earthly life. Be sure... It already gave many trials and errors :)) 

My inside wants to walk into this world in a  creative blog. My written words  and poems, dreams but also my photographs stand free to connect you and me!

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