Annoyed? Jump in a puddle!

A puddle that reflected earth, air and water gave me first cold in my feet. Later on a glow was rising up from my feet and when I continued my way in the forest, I felt so so fiery without using any wood:))) It is a very ecological way to heat yourself 🤣

I felt for sure completely and happy when the 4 earthly elements in myself were activated!

I discovered this joy after first have a battle with mud and rain.

The weather made cycling so hard in the forest and I started to annoy me on all this. Till I came to the point that i realised that the bottles of sourcewater on my cycle are catching all the emotions. Oh god,I dont want to drink peeve, I thought!!! How can kids be so happy with mud and I am not?,I asked myself. I descided to stop on a big puddle and I can tell you honestly... I started with looking, than jumping in the puddle and when I felt the child again in me, I took off my shoes and socks and tasted the puddle barefoot.

Now I am sure...I added something very healthy on the water😋

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