Be together over 5700kms

Do you know that you can celebrate life every day just like Néala in my childbook?

I celebrated Easter in my way. I made today a picnic basket and went to the forest.

I added wild herbs on my salad and made an altar of flowers, candles and insence. I was there with my Ethiopian friend who is living more than 5700km further. Nothing is impossible! We used social media for see each other and for let him follow my hands that prepared this ceremony. We didn't need all the time words for this moment.

After eating, I drunk a cup of herb tea in my selfmade cocosnutbowl and we talked a little bit. When the sunset came my friend was sitting in East and I was sitting in West and we meditated together in silence. We saw angels and the holy grail that spread gold and I was such a lovely moment together !

Thank you dear friend!

Thank you forest and herbs!

Thank you birds and roes!

Thank you all unseen power!

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