Networking in a forest

Yesterday, I was cycling on a straight path through the forest. There was a heavy rain and my cycle often slithered a little bit in the mud on the path. These were the circumstances where I faced with. But what was laying beyond all this?

When it started to zoom between my ears, I felt not alone anymore.  Zoom is for me always the sign that unvissible energy will become vissible.  So I stopped to cycle. Listened to the rain. And it sounded so so beautiful. When I went into the sound of the rain and the forest...I did instinctively what the dictionary describes for the word  'zoom' :  'All of a sudden go in air under a sharp angle'. Yes, I looked up and  my eye  went in the air under a sharp angle and I got to see what you see now on the picture of this blognews.Do you also see the path of light between the trees?  My 'higher path' became vissible:))) Light walks fast so,  for an evenly walk with me, it meanders between trees here. Is it not great? So my feeling was right... I didn't go only straight ahead but also slithered and meandered and all this leads me forward. Ooooh and than I saw suddenly the capillaries of the trees! It was like they said : 'Never feel alone in a forest my dear! There is a whole communication network on your light path!! ' And I can tell you... it has such a beautiful sound!! Later on I searched in google to the function of capillaries. It is a very fine network that span the whole body. It gives oxygen and food. It is the place of exchange.  So  I think it is a very good idea to  regulary connect our inner network  with this bigger network for to catch the high  tunes.  We dont have to make it complicated. Simply be there.Don't you think so?  A wet wooden kiss for you !


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