Selam Desert

November 2019

A man, called ‘Selam desert’, met a woman.

She told him ‘I feel at the moment like water deep, deep into earth and it is following earthlayers. Maybe once I will find a crack in earth and flow like a wild river on earth’.

The man asked if they could be friends and so happened. It was not new for the woman, she was already years in friendship with the desert. And she knew, the desert has as many characters as people.

She saw how he sent every day oneliners about love to all his friends on social media. On one hand she was not surprised that the desert unveiled so much about love but on the other hand it was surprising her that he had so much insigths in one day. Wow!

Till the moment he wrote her personal again with ‘I feel lonely. I need a woman to love and who loves me’.

First of all she never had realised that ‘an one line’ is an abbreviation of the feeling LonelineSs .

And furthermore, the two sentences that he spoke out in one breath, were a very strange compilation for her that she didn’t know so fast how to understand. She brought her not understanding on the background with answering :

‘Honestly speaking, I never felt lonely’ and ‘ how could you feel so lonely with so much insights from the desert?’

‘These aren’t my personal insights’, he responded.

She listened sheepish to his answer and insulted in silence herself ‘How did it not come in my mind that he was copying things?’

But before she cleaned up totally with the copies and really saw what she had to see, a new sentence overwhelmed her.

‘ Let we start a love relationship’ he said.

She wiped her eyebrow up and she countered ‘I told you earlier, I am in heart and body with an Ethiopian man and we dream to dance with the wolves and to talk with herbs… where are you going to in this talk? I don’t want that my body is connected with yours ‘

It was typically for her to react in this way. She started to repeat her truth in all calmth or to try to make things more clear so the other would accept her choice.

So she continued ‘Maybe good to know, love isn’t for me an agreement between two people against loneliness. Real love hasn’t such condition! Love is laying in the field of knowing …’

But the man seemed to see the fata morgana in the desert and ‘our’ relationship was already settling in his mind in a way that blows her truth only more away ‘When you are my wife, I can give you all. And you will see, I have the most beautiful desert !’

The woman sighed deeply ‘You can’t possess me nor a desert at all ! Real love let be a woman into the wild and only than she will be very connected! Real love shapes the desert into its all… not only in her beauty’

The man seemed even not to read the woman at all anymore. He blew up the whole desert like a green paradise now and he was convinced that he could get the water.

She answered with silency and let pass all his further texts.

Two days later, she ended all contact with sentence ‘You came to me without birth name and so will split our path’.

She knew she would never exclude the desert in her life where she could let flow the water in…she only blocked the man who surfed under the name ‘desert’!

In fact… you was just reading two not connected moments of my life. The words of the woman in this story are not made up but I spoke them literary out to a man who felt lonely and wanted to start a relationship with me. But in this story is another story hidden. Writing the story with the man ‘selam desert’ tells also a lot about the moment that I ran out of water into the desert of Keniya! Nobody could give me an explanation how this could happen. Even though, it went about an energy that felt very lonely and used another person for to find a gate to me. The energy and me struggled in the way like this story told you and at the moment that all seemed out of connection and lost, I felt deep inside me ‘ I can’t possess life or dead nor the desert or the water but I can choose for real love’.

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