The amazing effect of Kulning

I've never thought that I would write how high tones in woods can directly give a resound with a tree with a lot of go!

It happened when I returned of the source with my baskets full of water over the hillsides. Regulary, I had to stop for bringing my breath deeper into my body.

In one of thee moments, I did something what I never had thought to be bold enough. All of a sudden high tones from deep inside me echoed powerfully into the woods.

I know that waving high sounds for calling a herd of caw is an old tradition in the Scandinavian countries. But here in the wood are no caws and still I felt I had to use the high tones in me. And instinctive I did on a spot where my sounds got a sympathetic response of the trees. It had an amazing calming effect on me and I felt me an offspring of the forest (The Dutch word 'af'stam'meling is typify it so so good). Meeting pur sang with all trees!

I gave again my sound on the woods. Clear and without doubt what I was doing. The response of a tree brought initially my head between my shoulders. Everybody knows the sound of breaking &falling wood. My body was anticipating this. I had forgotten my eyeglasses so all my senses became active. My whole body was preparing for a run or a jump aside. Though...'the crack' not stood. I was surprised! It was such a strong sound of the wood! For the third time I called the tree and only than I heard what I had to hear! I went into the powerful sound of a tree before it breaks! It was a phenomenal long long endurance tone of beautiful action. It sounded like a very flexible representation in the wind and a convinced subsistence! Such a power the tree gave me! The tree worked with his own power without breaking . I registered it in my body with lot of grace! Nature is amazing!

Completely happy I continued my way home And believe it or not but the recall of the tree was the powerful soundtrack that played in me for rest of my day!

And I really hope that you can hear it once too!!

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